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Abbott & Costello
Battle of The Brady Bunch
Battle of the Divas
Battle of the Looney Tunes
Battle of the Star Trek Officers
Battle of the Three Stooges
Betty Boop
Charlie Chaplin
Dean Martin
Elvis Pelvis
Elvis Presley
Humpty Dumpty's New Attitude
Internet Reducing Diet
Jack Skellington Dress-Up Game
James Bond's Martini Generator
James Brown Dance
Ladies' Night
Laurel and Hardy
Marilyn Monroe
Marx Brothers
Methane Dance
Pull My Finger
Ruben Studdard Game
Speed It Up A Little - I Love Lucy
Stupid Web Tricks
Tequila Dance
Thanksgiving Greeting
Virtual Earthquake


No pop-up advertising? Are you for real?

Pop-up advertising is annoying. I want your experience surfing the sites listed at Big Dance List to be enjoyable and comfortable. I want you to feel like a guest at my web sites, not a hostage. If you see a pop-up ad while surfing the sites listed at BDL it either came from one of the dancing pages you visited or because you have parasiteware installed on your computer. It did not from Big Dance List. I have no control over pop-up advertising that originates outside BDL.

Why does BDL list dancing pages that don't include a URL?

Once upon a time those dancing pages did exist. They don't now. Those dancing pages remain a part of BDL's list even though I've removed the URL and the name is grayed out. I keep a complete record of the original URLs for those pages on my personal computer, but there's no point in listing them on BDL since they're now dead links. I include them in the BDL directory partly for historical reasons and partly to back up my claim that BDL lists more animated dancing pages than any other directory on the internet.

May I link to the sounds and images on your site?

No. When you link to files on another person's web site it costs that person money. In other words, you're stealing from the web site owner! You probably wouldn't take something without permission from a neighbor or friend, so please don't take pieces of my web site. If you need a sound or image on BDL for a school project please send me an email so we can discuss your needs and my terms.

Can you tell me what happened to the Animated Dancing Pages Web Ring?

Sorry, I'm as much in the dark about the disappearance of the Animated Dancing Pages Web Ring as everyone else. It vanished in August of 2002.

I can't hear the music or view some of the graphics on one of the dancing pages I visited. Can you help?

Most dancing pages were designed for Internet Explorer browsers on a PC platform. If your browser isn't IE or you're using a Mac computer you may have difficulty hearing music on some pages. It's also possible that the cache on your computer is full. Try clearing the cache or restarting your computer.

There's a dancing page listed on BDL that I think is inappropriate. Do you want to know about that?

Yes, I do. BDL is not responsible for circumstances when a URL that once went to an animated dancing page no longer links to it, but rather to a page that has inappropriate material. With Over 1,300 links on BDL it's not possible for me to always know what every link goes to. If you find a link for let's say "The Silly Chickens Dance" and that link goes to a search engine instead, or a casino site, please send me an email with the URL of the dancing page and the URL of the page that it's listed on at BDL and I'll check it out. Believe me, I appreciate the help!

How can I get my animated dancing page listed in BDL?

Please check the directory to make sure your page isn't already listed. There are six pages of listings so please check them all. If your page is already listed but the URL is incorrect just send me an email with the URL of the BDL page it's listed on, the old URL and the new URL. If your page isn't listed just send me the name and URL of your page. Your page will not be accepted if it: 1) defames any group of people, 2) is explicitly sexual or primarily sexual in content, 3) has broken images or sound files, 4) promotes spyware or parasiteware such as Comet Cursor, eBates, Screensavers, WeatherBug, Shop At Home Select, Kazaa, Screensavers, Morpheus, etc., 5) links to sounds or images on someone else's web site, 6) contains violent images.

I have an animated dancing page. How can I join the Gold Star Program at BDL?

Please read the instructions on this page.


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